Symposium at the 2022 AERA Conference

Some co-authors of the book Voices from Women Leaders on success in Higher Education: Pipelines, Pathways, and Promotion, Routledge, 2022, presented a symposium at the AERA Conference on April 21, 2022, San Diego, CA.  The symposium presenters discussed research and lived experiences of women and non-binary people in higher education leadership. Chapter authors discussed their explorations with intersections of multiple identities and their impacts on leadership through lenses of institutional type, functional areas, ability, gender identity, sexuality, race, and ethnicity.

The symposium agenda was designed to empower and inspire women leaders at all levels of the spectrum.  The AERA symposium was well attended.

The book is an ideal reading for higher education scholars, students, administration, faculty and staff aspiring to be leaders or to improve leadership roles.