The Women in Higher Education Empowered Leadership (WHEEL) is based on a collaboration of anyone interested in the following:
A guide for institutions and aspiring leaders on how to advance, as a woman, into higher education leadership roles. According to the American Council on Education (ACE): Leadership and Advocacy (2016), the most disturbing gender disparity for professional women is in the education sector, a discipline area that happens to be dominated by women. Women make up approximately 75% of the teaching force in the U.S., but to date, only 26% of women educators are institutional leaders. Using the insight, research, and perspectives from women and non-binary people in and aspiring to senior higher education leadership roles, WHEEL offers:

 An understanding of women’s leadership and the role of female leaders in higher education.
 Explorations of gender-based barriers that impact leadership development and success in various organizational structures.
 Demonstrated value of building a personal leadership presence for success and continued leadership growth.
 Knowledge and skills related to diversity and inclusion and leadership styles.
 Practices and models that recognize success in advancing women in higher education.
 A bridge of theory and practice designed to empower leaders and aspiring leaders
 A group of leaders that want to connect with others to improve women leadership opportunities